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About loli loli suki~

What is loli loli suki~?

loli loli suki~ is the sister blog, wait, that didn’t sound right, to be exact: it is a slave blog of OnigiriManiac. What you can’t find there, you can find it here. It’s primary purpose is to blog about the group’s future ‘cultural experiments’, future ‘cultural projects’, and future OSPECOPS (Otaku Special Operations) of the LLS~ team. We currently have 3 members in the group. 2 of them are busy fondling each other but meh, I don’t care.

– z4brac

Note: It’s more like, where we keep notes and shit. And future plans to crash Japan. I own. – orewakami

loli loli suki~ Terminology

  1. Cultural Experiment – A test under controlled conditions that is made to demonstrate a known truth, examine the validity of a hypothesis, or determine the efficacy of something previously untried in the OTAKU CULTURE.
  2. Cultural Project – An extensive task undertaken by an individual otaku or a small group of otakus to apply, illustrate, or supplement lessons on the otaku culture.
  3. Otaku Special Operations aka OSPECOPS – Operations conducted in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive environments to achieve otakuistic, diplomatic, informational, and/or economic objectives employing otakuistic capabilities for which there is no broad conventional force requirement. These operations often require covert, clandestine, or low visibility capabilities.
  4. z4brac – dipshit
  5. mewanzmoarloli – loli loli suki~ members’ battle cry when they are sex deprived.

– lolinyaa (z4brac, thanks for fixing the definitions, I hate those shits.)

Lolicon Brigade

*This space is for the Lolicon Brigade information – no stealing goddammit* – z4brac

Current Members/Authors

  1. z4brac – You don’t know me. For I lurk blogs in a discreet manner. I eat you.
  2. lolinyaa – I’m z4brac’s familiar. Fuck you z4b! (INACTIVE)
  3. orewakami – My name says it all. (INACTIVE)
  4. kylestaeva – ‘the new recruit’

NOTE: We apologize for the lack of information on this page. Due to certain complex circumstances, we would like to..nevermind..orz


You probably don’t know about the sister blog, or if you do, you probably know what it is about. If you want to check out the crappy reviews, crappy rants, crappy posts, the crappy 2009 anime list, it’s there, just search for it.

Status: Currently performing Solo Experiment "Defining Moe" | Part 1
Phase: Second Phase Phase | Stepping-up

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