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I Eat Dogs, Moar pL0x!
April 27, 2009, 3:42 pm
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Title totally irrelevant to this post.

As you probably could see, I’m back. Yes to give you moar pointless experiments and whatnots. I came back from various kinds of IRL stuff. What kind of stuff? That’s classified information. Well, anyways, I called off the first experiment because my partner is CURRENTLY busy with RL affairs (love, college, raep). And because of this I came to a sudden realization that I need to do something quick or this blog will die. I will be doing a ‘solo’ experiment. The topic I have in mind is ‘Finding the True Definition of Moe’ or something like that. I know that even the nerdiest of the nerds, the genius of the geniuses, the blah of the blahs cannot give a specific definition for the word. I also know that the definition of ‘moe’ varies from person to person. That is why I’m going to step-up and let retardation take control of me, I’m going to find the ‘true’ meaning of ‘moe’ and die.

Catch it on my next post in a few days, I need to fix my vocabularies and whatnots. lol.


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