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Experiment No. 1: Conquering One’s Own Weaknesses | Part 1
January 13, 2009, 4:44 am
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Finally, I’m back. Nothing much to do at school at the moment since I’ve finished everything that’s due for the next 2 weeks, so I have a lot of free time to do a lot of thinking and blog. And one of the things I would like to do these next 2 weeks is to perform experiments on myself. Not genetic experiments that would make me into a Humanform (Xam’d xD), but experiments that would make me understand the ‘otaku culture‘ even more. The first experiment will be “Conquering One’s Own Weaknesses“, an experiment on fighting your weakness towards specific genres/plots/whatnots in the ‘otaku culture‘ and make you, more or less, comfortable when it is encountered. Some people are weak against ‘lolicon’ themes, some are weak with ‘S&M’ themes, some are weak with romance, slice-of-life, mahou shoujo, mecha, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, yuri, yaoi. In short, everyone has their own weaknesses. You know it’s hard to conquer you’re weaknesses, am I right? (e.g. HEIGHTS!)

I’ve decided to conquer one of my biggest weaknesses in the ‘otaku culture‘. YAOI. I personally hate male x male themes, in other words, I have an immense enmity towards male-to-male relationships. I grew up in a family that detest homosexuality acts hence they say: “If you have a penis, then you are male. I you have a vagina, then you are female. There’s no such thing as being ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’, or the reverse.” So watching anything homosexual is actually nearly an impossibility for me.

I looked back on the animes I have already watched, and to my surprise, I placed ‘Marimite’ on my favorites. This lead me to think that I am quite alright watching shoujo-ai/yuri themes, same with some of the hentai I’ve watched that showed girl x girl pairings, and now I wondered why I didn’t care about it at all. So I tried watching some recent shoujo-ai titles, Strawberry Panic (okay, it’s quite old, but I tried to watch it) and the recent Marimite season 4. As for Strawberry Panic, I personally loved the interaction between the characters and how the story developed, it somehow snapped me back to my senses and made me ponder on the undeniable fact about ‘infatuation turning into love regardless of gender‘. That lead me to this question: “Being a MALE SPECIE attracted to the FEMALE SPECIE, what are my views towards a MALE SPECIE attracted to ANOTHER MALE SPECIE?“, a hard question indeed. This has been an argument since time immemorial, but this experiment will show me the answers to my countless questions.

Probably some of the people would say, “Come on asshole, it’s easy, just accept it.” or “Come on asshole, we have our own lives so stfu.”, I have my own opinion so stfu. If you have your own lives then live your lives, I have mine too, so I’ll live my life. Yet, I digress.

Back to the topic, in a few days I will start finding BL (boy’s love) titles to finally start the experiment. But unfortunately, I know no one in my place that reads BL mangas, so I would like to ask help from the people reading this senseless blog. I would prefer something softcore at the moment since I have a knack for not being mentally prepared on these kinds of things. So I need suggestions on some softcore BL titles to start with. Any suggestions BL lovers?


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Girl’s love is much more erotic.

Comment by Mr. Asian Sensation

I definitely agree. This experiment just makes people comfortable towards certain genres they hate to avoid shit-storms. =D

Comment by AltaireEatsOnigiri

I feel for you on this subject. I did not like “BL” at first, but I really don;t have much of a problem with it now…makes me nervous that someone will walk in see what I’m watching and think I’m gay- but if – I – am watching it, it’s because there’s either a really good story or some amazing artwork involved. I think Fruits Basket actually counts for BL…but it’s a real softy on all that- I couldn’t tell at all for a while…there’s a few more that I could give you but they are extreme to the max.

Comment by The Ellimist Melourn

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