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loli loli suki~ first post..
January 6, 2009, 3:11 pm
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Welcome to loli loli suki~

Anyways, on to the main point of this first post. My other blog had a server downtime so it’s really quite frustrating for me. I’m planning on migrating to a new server but unfortunately, that wouldn’t work for me right now since I have to spend my money more wisely this year. Yeah, that’s my New Year’s resolution and I don’t want to bitch about it. So instead of migrating to a new server (a complete waste of money and time), I decided to make a sister blog to feed my starving fingers nonsensical rants about things I shouldn’t really even care about.

Basically this is yet, another blog that talks about the lives of otaku’s such as myself and things we shouldn’t care about (e.g. loli rape, tentacle rape, oversized oppai, how ignorant most people are, and the ‘new shit’ in town which is CR or comfort room, i mean crunchyroll). But basically it’s a blog about the otaku culture, if you don’t know that then may google show you the way. It’s not like you care at all right? xD Yeah, this blog is all about whining on things like how fucked up CrunchyRoll is right now for being lowly hypocrites. They started out being a shady, illegal streaming site and now they’re cleansing themselves like nothing ever happened? Ah fuck that. Now some 30 year old person actually try to defend CR from people who say that they were indeed an illegal site, knowing that the 30 year old freak himself, supported CR waaaaaay back when it was still the epitome of online anime piracy. How fucked up is that? – THAT’S JUST AN EXAMPLE on how this blog whines. I know it fails miserably, but I don’t give a damn. Who cares anyways? Sorry, I digress. Don’t mind that. It’s just that I’m having problems with my other personality right now. You know those times when you feel like doing something you don’t usually do and you find yourself doing it? Yeah that. Yet again, I digress.

So let me end this post, since i’ll be wasting my time fixing the layout and shit. This obligatory first post is really pissing me off, probably you’ll tell me to just shut the fuck up, I love talking. Who doesn’t? Well this is typing and..uhm.. hmmm.I’m just speaking my mind out through the marvelous power of the keyboard. And monitor. And CPU. And oh yeah, WordPress.




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