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I Eat Dogs, Moar pL0x!
April 27, 2009, 3:42 pm
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Title totally irrelevant to this post.

As you probably could see, I’m back. Yes to give you moar pointless experiments and whatnots. I came back from various kinds of IRL stuff. What kind of stuff? That’s classified information. Well, anyways, I called off the first experiment because my partner is CURRENTLY busy with RL affairs (love, college, raep). And because of this I came to a sudden realization that I need to do something quick or this blog will die. I will be doing a ‘solo’ experiment. The topic I have in mind is ‘Finding the True Definition of Moe’ or something like that. I know that even the nerdiest of the nerds, the genius of the geniuses, the blah of the blahs cannot give a specific definition for the word. I also know that the definition of ‘moe’ varies from person to person. That is why I’m going to step-up and let retardation take control of me, I’m going to find the ‘true’ meaning of ‘moe’ and die.

Catch it on my next post in a few days, I need to fix my vocabularies and whatnots. lol.


lolirabumoe~ deleted!
January 15, 2009, 5:29 am
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Deleted the old blog (lolirabumoe), since it’s damn hard to remember. lolinyaa complained about it being unrelated to the the recent blog name so I had to concede. This is the new address for the blog, so update your RSS if still wish to continue reading our senseless blog. And to those loyal to the brigade, I thank you.

By the way, why don’t you guys try doing our experiments? Seems stupid but its a lot of fun, well, for us though.

The Laws of Anime
January 15, 2009, 4:58 am
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If you are part of the ignorant majority, then you view anime/manga as a source of entertainment during your freetime. If you are part of the minority, then you view anime/manga as an inseparable part of your life. If you are part of the uber minority, then you are welcome to read this next post

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Minor Blog Update
January 14, 2009, 6:44 am
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I fixed the layout a bit since the first one seemed so odd. Now it’s up to z4brac to change the damn logo. I hate photoshop and I always will, just learning all that shit made my head loose it’s fluid. And I don’t know what z4brac is up to, he puts FUCKIN’ in all the widget titles, I want to smack him right now, damn you z4b.

Well then, I think that’s about it.

The picture is hot. It is hot. I’m drooling all over. Fuck my 2D complexity.

Note: If you are wondering who the author of the posts are, check the tags, you’d probably see our name/s there. Check out the information about the authors on the ‘About‘ page.


Experiment No. 1: Conquering One’s Own Weaknesses | Part 1
January 13, 2009, 4:44 am
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Finally, I’m back. Nothing much to do at school at the moment since I’ve finished everything that’s due for the next 2 weeks, so I have a lot of free time to do a lot of thinking and blog. And one of the things I would like to do these next 2 weeks is to perform experiments on myself. Not genetic experiments that would make me into a Humanform (Xam’d xD), but experiments that would make me understand the ‘otaku culture‘ even more. The first experiment will be “Conquering One’s Own Weaknesses“, an experiment on fighting your weakness towards specific genres/plots/whatnots in the ‘otaku culture‘ and make you, more or less, comfortable when it is encountered. Some people are weak against ‘lolicon’ themes, some are weak with ‘S&M’ themes, some are weak with romance, slice-of-life, mahou shoujo, mecha, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, yuri, yaoi. In short, everyone has their own weaknesses. You know it’s hard to conquer you’re weaknesses, am I right? (e.g. HEIGHTS!)

I’ve decided to conquer one of my biggest weaknesses in the ‘otaku culture‘. YAOI. I personally hate male x male themes, in other words, I have an immense enmity towards male-to-male relationships. I grew up in a family that detest homosexuality acts hence they say: “If you have a penis, then you are male. I you have a vagina, then you are female. There’s no such thing as being ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’, or the reverse.” So watching anything homosexual is actually nearly an impossibility for me.

I looked back on the animes I have already watched, and to my surprise, I placed ‘Marimite’ on my favorites. This lead me to think that I am quite alright watching shoujo-ai/yuri themes, same with some of the hentai I’ve watched that showed girl x girl pairings, and now I wondered why I didn’t care about it at all. So I tried watching some recent shoujo-ai titles, Strawberry Panic (okay, it’s quite old, but I tried to watch it) and the recent Marimite season 4. As for Strawberry Panic, I personally loved the interaction between the characters and how the story developed, it somehow snapped me back to my senses and made me ponder on the undeniable fact about ‘infatuation turning into love regardless of gender‘. That lead me to this question: “Being a MALE SPECIE attracted to the FEMALE SPECIE, what are my views towards a MALE SPECIE attracted to ANOTHER MALE SPECIE?“, a hard question indeed. This has been an argument since time immemorial, but this experiment will show me the answers to my countless questions.

Probably some of the people would say, “Come on asshole, it’s easy, just accept it.” or “Come on asshole, we have our own lives so stfu.”, I have my own opinion so stfu. If you have your own lives then live your lives, I have mine too, so I’ll live my life. Yet, I digress.

Back to the topic, in a few days I will start finding BL (boy’s love) titles to finally start the experiment. But unfortunately, I know no one in my place that reads BL mangas, so I would like to ask help from the people reading this senseless blog. I would prefer something softcore at the moment since I have a knack for not being mentally prepared on these kinds of things. So I need suggestions on some softcore BL titles to start with. Any suggestions BL lovers?

Niang Niang, Nyaa~ Nyaa~, Gorgeous, Delicious, Deculture!
January 7, 2009, 3:01 am
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Just wanted to share a video I found at YouTube before going to sleep. I’m sure you’re fully aware of Ranka-chan’s Niang Niang song in the first episode of Macross Frontier? Yes, it is fucking awesome. Just plain addictive. Better than drugs and alcohol. So here it is, a Nyanroll (?). Fess your eyes and ears and get cursed too. Ranka-chan is just too adorable, goddamit.

Nyan~n Nyan~n, Ni hao Nyan~n, Gorgeous, Delicious, Deculture~


Nyan~n Nyan~n, Ni hao Nyan~n, Gorgeous, Delicious, Deculture~



Good night people. Enjoy!

site update yay~
January 7, 2009, 12:00 am
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Finally changed the logo, I’m not much of a CSS type of person but hopefully I can change these damn color schemes. This hard when you’ve wasted all your time playing around the self-hosted wordpress..damn..

Anyway, I still have school in a few hours, hopefully the professors wouldn’t be a fuckin’ pain in the ass like yesterday. There was a fuckin’ professor who doesn’t even know how to spell PARADIGM, OMFG JESUS WHY’D YOU LEAVE HIM ALL ALONE! Damn it. I wonder how he became a professor in the first place? Uggh, this is really fuckin’ frustrating..orz And oh sorry for the explicit words, it’s really fuckin’ hard to suppress the enmity building up inside me.

Anyways, that’s it for today, I’m planning a photoshoot for my damn figures, but my camera is down in hell so I’ll try my best to pick it up over there.

Bye Bye Desu~